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Dolby Atmos Installation

dolby-atmos-home-speaker-setupsOur team of experts are qualified and experienced in Dolby Atmos Installation. We install Dolby Atmos technology to homes in London and the surrounding areas.

The new Dolby Atmos sound format is superb at creating fully immersive media experiences and that’s the experience we’ll provide for you in your own home.

Our Dolby Atmos Install Service

We can supply, design and install a Dolby Atmos certified home cinema combining the best products to create a breath taking home cinema experience. With nearly every new major film release Dolby Atmos sound is available. So its’s important to make sure your home cinema is designed to take full advantage of this new sound technology.

At Limelight automation we design and install the very best home cinema solution and this includes Dolby Atmos. For more information on our Dolby Atmos Home Cinema Installation Services contact our experts.

Call 0844 870 4807 or email info@limelightautomation.co.uk

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